Shotgun Tom Kelly’s HO Model Train Layout:  This layout project is the vision of Shotgun Tom Kelly who requested his layout have a metro area with the four lane streets, high-rise buildings and a downtown TV station.  The AM radio station near a river and a TV tower at the top of “S” Mountain were also on the list of must have.  The addition of Miller Engineering signage, a customized car dealership and even the headstone in the cemetery for his beloved Jack Vincent adds to the extra cool factor.  Enjoy the layout video produced by Jhani K.  Thanks to both Shotgun and Jhani K for your vision and inspiration in design and visual capturing this layout.

Happiest Place on Earth Layout:  Lloyd’s Layouts work on this project for almost a year to make sure we provided “the layout I’ve always wanted”.  Follow this link to see the fantastic video created by our client on this one-of-a-kind G Scale layout.

The Nightmare Before Christmas/Halloween Layout:  Definitely the most unique project we have built is this 3 level layout built into a custom curio cabinet. The Nightmare Before Christmas train circles around levels 1 and 3 through over 60 animated Halloween buildings and accessories. In addition a captivating Pirate scene displays several animated ships and other accessories.  There is a lot to see on this display – you’ll have to watch this one more than once.  *Note the video was taken before the final application on the water scene had completely cured and the white around the ships is now transparent.

Kato N Scale Layout Modifications: The modifications are complete including replacing the crappy turn-table with the new Kato turn-table and round house.  Now it’s time to run trains!

Bakersfield Area Layout:This HO Layout has a live water feature running down a waterfall, through a winding stream into a scenic lake.

Hamilton Collection-Thomas Kinkade Series Layout: Designed specifically for displaying over 50 buildings, this layout has two tracks that travel up a 2.5 level helix across a custom bridge and down another 2.5 level helix.

Kato N Scale City Layout: This video is from installation day for the custom Kato N Scale City layout.  We used the clients Kato N Scale Double Viaduct Track and Kato’s passenger station and platform and built the rest of the layout to accommodate his other buildings and design concepts.