Our Layouts

Lloyd’s Layouts basic concept for building model layouts is to build the train layout that YOU want and that works for you and your trains.  All layouts are fully tested and tested again before delivery. If the trains won’t run for us, they won’t run for you and that is why we test them one more time – just to make sure, before they leave the studio.

Helix Kits: Lloyd’s Layouts has become known as the Helix Guys.  With Lloyd’s skills and knowledge we are able to build a helix in any size – radius and/or diameter- and at the height needed to fit your layout specifications.  All of our helix kits come complete with video instructions.

Standard Layouts: Over the years, we have developed three standard layout designs that work well for small areas .  These layouts are small and light enough to be moved and stored when not in use.  In addition, these layouts are designed for easy add-ons if in the future you wanted to grow the layout.

Custom Layouts:  A Custom Layout is the layout you would build if you could.  If you don’t have the time or the skills, Lloyd’s Layouts will do the work for you.  You provide us with a general theme and we’ll help to incorporate the special features you are looking for in your layout. Depending on the size and level detail, a custom layout build can take from 6 (six) months to a year to complete.