Helix Kits

Standard Helix Kits: Lloyd’s Layouts helix kits allow you to add elevation to your layout. Our standard kits are designed to take your trains from the tabletop up 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 levels.  Each design is engineered for a consistent 2% incline and decline for smooth operation. The helix can easily be added to your existing layout or included into a new layout.  Each kit includes pre-cut track bed pieces and specially engineered structural support standards.Our wood kit 
components are 
primer finished and include easy to follow, step by step video instructions.  All kits accommodate curved track, flex track, Bachmann E-Z Track and other similar raised bed track. Kits can be assembled with standard wood glue – screws or nails are not required but pin-nailing is suggested.

Custom Helix Kits:  With our custom helix templates we are able to fabricate and manufacture any size radius and height helix, for all gauges of trains.  Simply provide us your specifications and we’ll calculate the formula and build you a kit to bring your trains up and down the helix at a consistent 2% grade. Check out our HO Gallery for photos documenting the installation of one of our custom Helix Kits.


Manufacturing Custom Helix Kits

If you would like us to design a custom helix kit for you can find our design form in our Services Tab